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Normal Symtoms of Grief


  • Recurring dreams about the event, loss or loved one
  • Mentally reconstructing the events surrounding the loss, in an effort to create a different outcome
  • Trouble concentrating or remembering things
  • Questioning your spiritual or religious beliefs


  • Numb, withdrawn or disconnected
  • Fear and anxiety when things remind you of your loss
  • A lack of involvement or enjoyment in everyday activites
  • Depressed or 'down' much of the time
  • Bursts of anger, or intense irritability
  • Emptiness or hopelessness about the future


  • Isolating yourself from others
  • Having problems getting to sleep or staying asleep
  • Avoiding places & people that remind you of your loss
  • Staying excessively busy to avoid thinking about deceased loved one 


  • Coping styles depend on one's personality and relationship with the person who has died.
  • This experience can also be affected by one’s cultural, religious background & mental history.

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