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Resources for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Pet Loss Support Hotlines:

ASPCA: 877-474-3310

Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine: 517-432-2696 

Cornell University: 607-253-3932 

Tufts University: 508-839-7966 

University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine: 877-394-2273


Online Support Groups:

Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement: www.aplb.org

Recommended Books:

Saying Goodbye to the Pet You Love, Lorrie Greene, Ph.D., J. Landis, 2002

Grieving The Loss of a Pet, Betty J. Carmack, 2003

The Loss of a Pet, Sife, Ph.D., 1998, 2005

Coping with the Loss of a Pet, Christina M. Lemieux, Wallace R. Clark, 1992

How to Roar: Pet Loss Grief Recovery, Robin Brown, 2005

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